From the dawn of time, until the new age. You’re conditioned to beliefs, turn the page. We were all placed here on this beautiful ball. Stop and Look, you’re destroying it all. Every creature, species, aquatic or not Belonged here as well, have you forgot? Must mankind ruin everything with touch? Stop now, rewind, it’s become to much! Adults act as children with selfish direction. Children as directors with selfless affection. People should open their eyes and see; this is a situation that does not have to be. Look inside yourselves, change the coarse; all your children will know is saddened remorse. Why, so many people hold to their Gods? We are all on our own, now imagine those odds! You were born with all the answers you need, even your books planted that seed! Open your eyes, new doors will appear, do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear. DS

Location 21 East 21st Street New York, New York 10010 Phone (929)990-6031 E-mail Hours Tuesday-Thursday 11:00am-7:00pm EST or call for availability 1 (929)990-6031 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A VOICE MAIl. DO NOT SHOW UP AT MY RESIDENCE!. LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU. SINCERELY DENISE 😊
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