I am unafraid to be myself.

Not concerned with anyone else.

It does not matter if you judge me.

I require no company.

I am not held captive by fear.

Needless guilt can disappear.

I will not be led from a book of lies.

Every man made sin; Here it dies.

Give nothing more attention than required.

It will level you and leave you tired.

Why waste your time on what matters not?

Surely it asks for more than you’ve got.

Find gratitude in each day.

Share kindness with all that pass your way.

It is said there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

So why not let go and stop crippling yourself.

It’s really a simple thing to adjust.

It dribbles down to what you trust.

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Never fear, stand strong knowing your capabilities.

DS 10/20

Also published in Illumination-Curated

All work photography and poetry is written by Denise Scholander owner of articulate-creations.com

2 thoughts on “FEAR NOTHING

  1. So on the same page! Loved it, thank you 🙂🌻
    So slow, they used to spam all the comments!
    Thanks Kait.

    Liked by 1 person

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